With every passing year, DStv services keep getting better. This can be attributed to the constant system upgrades, especially the decoders. For instance, if you happen to get the new DStv Explora decoder today, you will enjoy the following features:

The improved hard drive is the first thing that will catch your attention. The storage capacity in this new device was increased from 500GB to a whole 2TB. No more complaints about lack of space to keep your favourite movies and series. The manufacturers then went ahead to boost drive speed from 5400 to 5900 rpm.

The 1.1GHZ CPU was done away with, and in its place, there is a 3GHZ unit with 1GB of DDR3 RAM. All these have been fitted into a slimmer and more stylish Explora decoder housing.

Big storage capacity means you can store more recording of up to 220 hours. Furthermore, you will be pleased to learn that the recording can be done remotely. Simply access the online tv guide or download DStv Now on your smartphone/tablet, login to your account to schedule a recording.

All the recordings are then arranged in your playlist. They can be grouped into categories to make it easy to locate specific movies, series, or games.

Now, on the days you feel like binge watching your favourite tv series, sports highlights, documentaries, or reality shows, turn to the DStv catch up feature. It stacks up programs for you to watch in your own time. It gets better if you can connect your decoder to the internet because you will have an unlimited supply of catch up titles that can be downloaded straight to your decoder.

The other benefit that comes with the explora decoder is that renting a blockbuster movie only takes a few clicks on your remote. This can be done from the comfort of your couch while enjoying a good time with friends and family. Furthermore, you can keep the movies for a maximum of two days.

The remote control, being a key equipment has also been upgraded. Its new design is much easier to understand and use. Navigating through the neatly arranged buttons is very simple. The alt feature was removed, hence making the remote control very user friendly.

The ultimate benefit in all these new additions would be the high definition viewing. This offers crystal clear images that take television viewing to a whole new level.

Pricing is also another major factor. This varies from one region to the next, depending on several issues. In South Africa, you will have to part with R2 499, which is R1 000 more than the cost of the previous model. In Nigeria, you shouldn’t have less than N71, 300 (R4 545), before walking into a DStv dealer shop.

If you want to learn more about the DStv Explora, feel free to call us on 087 551 0607. We are here to help on any matter related to DStv installation, repairs, and maintenance. Our company is the leading service provider in Durbanville. We are readily available to meet your DStv needs, and our rates are very competitive. After spending decades providing satellite tv solutions to residents and businesses, there is no malfunction we can’t fix.


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